Tuesday, 23rd July 2024
High school and Higher secondary at Manthan Vidyashram

Class 8

  • Aims at exciting children in the scope and range of all STEM, SST and Language subjects
  • Ensures all our children have both the skills and knowledge to be successful in their chosen stream that leads to establishing their career
  • Pearson books introduced in class 8 - filled with necessary colourful illustrations, examples and explanation
  • A strong foundation with teachers’ interactive sessions, lab work, audio visuals, group and individual projects and assignments
  • The main idea of the curriculum - do away with rote learning and make children proficient in their application skills

Children at this stage should be fluent in their expression of ideas and communicate well in English, both oral and written. Such children are able to crack any competitive exam as their lateral thinking and analytical skills are at their best


Classes 9 & 10 – International GCSE

International GCSE Level 1 (Class 9): Subjects for Edexcel board exams include: English, ICT, History, Geography, Hindi / Thamizh

International GCSE Level 2 (Class 10): Subjects for Edexcel board exams include: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology

International Advanced Level (Classes 11 & 12)

The children here enter into their AS level and A level, equivalent to Indian standards of Classes 11 and 12. It is mandatory to take 5 subjects of their choice, inclusive of English which is a compulsory language to get admission into any Indian and/ or foreign institutions. Manthan offers the regular stream of

  • PCMB (combination of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology) or
  • PCMCS (Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Science) as these combinations of subjects are best suited for the entrance exams of our Indian Universities and Colleges
  • Regular Arts and Commerce streams are also available