Saturday, 15th June 2024
Kindergarten at Manthan Vidyashram

It is their first entry to school, away from home. Hence the school has necessarily to be a place where care is at its peak. All activities and routines are aimed at building their physical and emotional development. Chores include zipping their bags, making doughs, sand play and such other numerous exercises that help develop their hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills.

How does Cognitive Development happen at such a tender age?

  • Fun atmosphere – ensures involvement and interest from the child’s end
  • Activity-based – includes educational toys – sows the seed of wanting to explore
  • Innovative and animated Oral classes – kindles imagination and visualisation – builds listening skills
  • Visual classes – tool used for deeper registration and reinforcement – reassures and building confidence
  • Strengthening Language Development, Expression and Emotional Skills through Flash cards, Rhymes, Storytelling, puppet shows and more of similar activities
  • Games – Physical development – Gross and fine motor development
  • Exercises – sets body and mind in balance

This joyful learning attitude inculcated at this stage stays with the children throughout their schooling.


Lower and Upper Kindergarten

We believe in children leading a happy and purposeful life and the seed for the same is sown here, right from the tender age of 4. The afternoon sessions build the essential soft skills through various interactive, holistic and fun-filled activities. These include:

  • Show and tell – builds public speaking and language skills
  • Music
  • Art & Craft and Drawing
  • Physical Education
  • Project
  • Montessori based activities
  • Library – Read along
  • Basic Life skills