Saturday, 15th June 2024
Primary-programme of Manthan Vidyashram

Classes 1 & 2

Children continue to benefit from the continuity and consistency of being taught from respective subject teachers whilst receiving specialist teaching in Languages that include Thamizh and Hindi apart from English, Maths and Science. Special sessions such as Public Speaking, Music, Craft, Games and more, are alternated not just to balance right and left-brain activities but also to bring a variety in programmes and break the monotony of academics. Children’s enthusiastic participation and intriguing questions have always been a source of motivation for the teachers.


Classes 3 to 5

We see children at this stage learn to balance their academic curriculum and their chosen co-curricular activities. Discipline plays a key role in helping them sustain their efforts to gain a holistic development. Observing their gradual gain in maturity has enabled us to introduce Indian History, Basics of Geography and Computing Skills, in addition to other subjects that they continue to learn.