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Points to ponder-Manthan Vidyashram

Library Books

Library books should be returned by the prescribed period of two weeks.

Home Tuitions

Manthan does not believe in third party tuitions.
Nothing like parents’ attention and personal care when we find child taking time to comprehend the concepts. Also, kindly avoid:

  • Teaching ahead of schedule
  • Completing book exercises ahead of schedule – leads to distraction and inattentiveness in class

Home Work

Completion of homework is essential to achieve the quality standards planned by Manthan. Manthan is sure that this will ensure a comfortable educational career for the child. Apart from regular handwriting or comprehension exercises, children from Classes 1 to 12 will receive worksheets based on revision chapters.

Kindly ensure children complete their daily homework and bring the books and notebooks on the required submission date.

The homework schedule is based on standards observed in International Schools.

Home Work Duration

Class Timing
UKG 20 minutes per day
Class 1 30-40 minutes per day
Class 2 40-50 minutes per day
Class 3 50-60 minutes per day
Class 4 75 minutes per day
Class 5 75 minutes per day
Class 6 75 minutes per day
Classes 7 & 8 90 minutes per day
Classes 9 to 12 120 minutes per day

Children who require more support and attention will need a little more time in absorbing concepts.


Development of children is like building a house. Some days you will see visible development, some days it is not so visible - like the curing process. It does not mean that there is no development. Without curing process, the building (learning process) will collapse.

There is no necessity to check with teachers on a daily basis. Never ask the child what they learnt that day when they reach home. Instead, after playing some time with the child, ask the child to teach parents/grandparents what he/she learnt. The child will react favourably.

Please avoid talking to all teachers and support staff as it might lead to partial or incorrect information. Manthan will interact with parents whenever the need arises.

Meeting with the Coordinator/Principal/Correspondent can be scheduled with prior appointment.

Transport Facility

Manthan does not own or operate any transport service. Manthan does not have any future plans to undertake transport operations. Parents must ensure that their child reaches Manthan before 8.30 am using any means of transport. Parents can individually or pool up and arrange transport facility for their children when the operator is unable to provide the service for some reason.

A group of private transport operators have agreed to provide transport facility. Routes are decided in the beginning of the year bearing in mind the following based on the feedback from parents over the years:

  • Geographical distribution of children availing transport facility
  • Maximum coverage area (600 meters between any two stops)
  • Road width and condition
  • Number of pick up points in a route
  • Time taken from the first pick up point to the last pick up point (within 40 minutes)

Leave or Absence

Parents must inform management in writing about any absence (short or long) of the child. A leave letter from the parent is mandatory.

Manthan Uniform Measurements - A Guide

Dress Code

The students should wear the uniform prescribed by Manthan. Students may wear 'color dress' on their birthday, the day after Deepavali and on the first working day of Term I, II and III.

Shoes design for Classes Pre-Primary to Class 2

  • Slip on - soft top - cost effective shoes and socks ( with or without velcro flaps)  the days when games periods are scheduled
  • No particular colour or design. Parents can choose ANY COLOUR

Shoes design for Classes 3 & Above

  • Sports shoes with lace (with socks)
  • Colour - White

Guidelines for stitching uniforms

The fabric for uniform is available with Vishwa Shri Textiles (located in Thiruvanmiyur, near Thiruvanmiyur Bus Depot). Tailoring should be done at Vishwa Shri. They also have readymade Manthan Uniforms. The shop will provide two free logos per set of uniform.

For Boys Pre-KG to Class 5


  • Elastic Hip at the back for better grip (only for Pre-KG)
  • No suspenders for all classes
  • Front Opening with ZIP/Buttons as per your desire. Please take care of issues relating to zip causing problems for the younger children Manthan's suggestion will be
    1. Pre KG/LKG - No opening / No Button
    2. UKG Button / Zip
    3. Std 1 to 5  Zip
  • Length of shorts one inch above the knee
  • Logo on the front belt portion
  • Loops provision for ONE INCH belt, if you wish


  • Length of shirt: Shoulder to two inches below bums
  • Front pocket on the left side
  • No shoulder loops
  • Two spare buttons
  • Logo on the right arm sleeve (middle of lower half-centered )

For Girls Pre-KG to Class 2

Bottom (Pinafore with folded pleats)

  • Pinafore Length: Shoulder to one inch below knee
  • Pleats: 4 in the front and 4 in the back
  • Hook for adjusting hip - five levels to expand (providing loops inside)
  • Front and back from hip to shoulder to have two layers of cloth for better grip/fall
  • Logo on the belt portion
  • Appropriate Shoulder strip width - neither too big nor too small - suggested strip width less than 30% of shoulder width of the child

For Girls Classes 3 to 5

Bottom (Skirt with cotton bloomers)

  • Skirt with detachable / separate bloomers - Length: Waist to one inch below knees
  • Pleats: 4 in the front and 4 in the back
  • Hook for adjusting hip - five levels to expand (providing loops inside)
  • Logo on the belt portion

Shirt for classes Pre-KG to 5

  • Shoulder loop (for Pre-KG to Class 2 ONLY)
  • Length of shirt: Shoulder to two inches below bums
  • Two spare buttons
  • Logo on the right arm sleeve (middle of lower half - centered)

Uniform for Std 6 and above **

Colour Scheme for Class 6 and above
(click here for images of Boys and Girls Uniform)

  • Girls will have Salwar and Kameez (Two pieces with piping)
  • Boys will have Pant and Shirt
  • Logo on the right arm sleeve (middle of lower half - centered)

Changes not allowed

Uniforms must be uniform